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At Autopilott, we believe that creativity needs to be fueled by media and backed by data. Bringing creative and media under one roof, our solutions converge cross-vertical expertise to create a harmony between the two. Solutions that produce real-time, relevant, and reportable results for your brand.

We put a lot of effort in the client service and cater to every needs of the client, and we are 100% transparent. all of our workings is accessible for the clients to view and suggest points on. we abide by these values.

Bringing creative and media under one roof, our solutions converge cross-vertical expertise to create a harmony between the two. Solutions that produce real-time, relevant, and reportable results for your hotel.

Case Studies

Autopilott believes in 100% transparency and in getting you results. Here are a few Case Sudies of our current clientsfor your reference...

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We do at Autopilott

High converting aDS

Our goal is to get you the best possible cost per result (CPC/CPA/CPM). We build each of our campaigns based on our proven strategies to produce the best results possible. Each of our campaigns is designed to achieve the maximum potential results.

creative Designs

Good creativity motivates people to take action, builds relationships with their target audiences, so never compromises on quality. Your brand's visual appeal, from site design to graphics, has the power to entice, elicit emotions, and leave a lasting impact on your customers. This is something that Autopilott is aware of and prioritize.

email marketing

Choose Autopilott to get cutting-edge Email Marketing and technology solutions that help you run Email Marketing Campaigns by enabling personalization and one-to-one communication.

Public reputation

PR is essential to build a dynamic online reputation for your business. If you are concerned about unfavorable reviews, comments, or posts about your brand, then we can help in erasing them and creating a positive image of your brand. Prepare to build a massive following for your name simply by leveraging your internet reputation and our strategies!


Autopilott can assist you in creating a brand website that is appealing, intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly. We'll hook your visitors from the moment they land on your homepage, thanks to our demonstrated expertise in designing high-quality websites. We optimize your website and its design to reach your desired goals, whether it's brand exposure or lead generation.


The number of social media users is rapidly growing, and if you want to push your brand to new heights, turn to Autopilott for the best social media management services, hands down. We help businesses make the best use of social media channels and achieve the best outcomes. Also, we guarantee 10x increase in tye engagement and follower count.

sales funnels

Building funnel strategies is our forte. We turn your website into a funnel like structure that truly works 24*7. We back our funnel system with email marketing so that no qualified leads gets missed out and to get you more efficient results.

OTA Management

Are you seeking someone to optimize all of your OTAs and help you expand your business? Then you are at the right place. Autopilott is the company for you since it is venturing into every section of the hotel industry in India. We are a group of young and enthusiastic individuals with a united goal of making a significant contribution to the hotel industry and becoming one of the best hotel marketing companies.

What Our Clients Say

Ishita Malhotra Manager, Lemon Tree, Darjeeling

Shaurya & entire team of Autopilott is the best marketing team that the industry could ask for. They helped us take our marketing game to the next level and now we don't have to worry about it anymore. We now have all the time in the world to focus on the operations which has lead to an increase in occupancy rates, which means more money!

Mark Stive Hotelier

They has been a huge help for our in house marketing team. Coming from the hospitality industry, I have seen it all! I am so glad that we have them in our team. Autopilott team is so on it with these new marketing trends that I don't even have to worry about it anymore. For all the other resorts out there, I highly recommend them

Udit Sarkar Hotelier

Helped my hotel increase our revenue by a whopping 40% in the first month. The techniques and strategies he showed us were so easy to implement, we had time next day to focus on other areas.

Elle Perez Travel Company Owner

When we first opened our travel company, we had a tough time figuring out the ways to promote and grow. The entire team helped us tremendously with their techniques and they really worked wonders for us. We now have enough time to focus on hospitality without sacrificing too many of our resources

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