Chimalgi PU College | Case Study

Chimalgi PU College is based in Gilmarga, Karnataka. They are well reputed and in the business for almost 30 years. The Chimalgi family is committed to bringing out the best in every student by imparting a strong educational foundation. Given the dynamic and global nature of education in the 21st century, we are constantly working hard and reinventing ourselves with the ultimate goal of creating exceptional and enriching student experiences.


We started by getting a list of their recent enrolments. We used those email ids to create a Facebook custom audience and theĀ  lookalike audience. The main goal was to maximise the quantity and also the quality of the leads. The leads derived were very high intent. We ran altotal 4 diffrent campaign in two months and accumulated arounf 550 leads. They had a well trained sales team so the conversion rate was also great. They closed 135 leads within 2 months.

Case study 1.


Chimalgi PU College


Lead Generation